Special Dishes

  • Starters

    As requested !
    Your favourite occasion dishes are back !!

  • Steam Pork and Prawn Dumpling


    £5.95 Zoom

    Steam Pork and Prawn Dumpling

  • Chicken Wings

    Chicken Wings

    £5.95 Zoom

    Thai Stuffed Chicken Wings

  • Mains

    Try it!! You will love it!

  • Jungle Curry

    Jungle Curry

    £8.50 Zoom

    Thai spicy curry without coconut milk, with choices of chicken, pork and beef

  • Lamb Shank Massaman

    Lamb Shank Massaman

    £12.50 Zoom
    • Favorite

    Slow-cooked lamb shank in creamy coconut curry with potato and peanut

  • Seabass Pad Cha

    Seabass Pad Cha

    £10.50 Zoom

    Deep-fried seabass topped with spicy green peppercorn and fingerroot Pad Cha sauce

  • Chuu-Chee Chicken Wings

    Chuu-Chee Chicken Wings

    £8.50 Zoom

    Thai stuffed chicken wings topped with dry red curry in coconut milk