We open for lunch every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from noon to 2.30pm (last order is 2pm). The variety of food which you can enjoy during a short lunch time on working day or a relax break after a long shopping hours.

1 COURSE: £5.50,  2 COURSES: £8.25,   KIDS 7.50


    Starter for Lunch

    Choose one of your favourite starters from the list.

     -Chicken Satay  -Minced Pork on Toast
     -Spring Roll (Chicken / Vegetables)  -Tom Yum Soup (Chicken / Mushroom)
     -Toong Tong (Chicken / Vegetables)  -Tom Kha Soup (Chicken / Mushroom)


    Main course with rice

    Pick curry or stir-fried dish as a main course, all will be served with Thai steam rice.

    -Green Curry (Chick /Beef /Pork /Veg) -Stir-fried Basil (Chick /Beef)
    -Red Curry (Chick /Beef /Pork /Veg) -Sweet&Sour (Chick /Pork)
    -Yellow Curry (Chick /Veg) -Stir-Fried Oster Sauce (Chick /Beef)
    -Massaman Curry (Chick /Veg) -Stir-Fried Ginger (Chick /Beef /Tofu)
      -Fried mixed vegetables